Just write?

Just write they said

Write what you think

Write what u love

Many stories fighting to be out there to be heard

A story just waiting to inspire

What am I to write ?

Am I even capable

I doubt myself


Dawn and dusk

But their is hope

Just a little hope to discover if I could ever write that what which is in mind

Almost there to be explored

Maybe someday all will be fine

And the inspiration will kick in

Proud of myself I will be



Long texts you sent to keep a smile on my face

The videos and the pictures

lovely they were

Funnier u were

Happy u were when you called

Acting all interested but were you though

Talking about your other relations

I was bored

Bored at how blind you are

It amazes me to know that you do not care

Have a stand bro!

Your view of life sucks

I never asked to have a brother nor a husband or a relationship adviser

Maybe you are just getting in touch to keep me in line

Just dont know what number yet

Piled us up for when your latest groove doesn’t work out

I applaud you for the talent

Must be a lot .


Just a normal cloudy morning .The sky looked like it could pour any moment .It was going to rain after such a long time . I went outside looked up in the sky ,i dont know why but i suddenly remembered you.

Your face just flashed in front of my eyes. I was confused . How could i not see through you. was it your fake smile ?Your loving nature? Was it all an act?

I can not lie but i really do miss you ,especially a day like this .We all were lovers of rain .But things have changed .I used to laugh when it rains, now it rains i rain.

My eyes just watering from your memories.
I was confused why someone so loving ,happy and understanding becomes so heartless . Why would someone dear to you break your heart?

Well after a long time i understood. You used me to get close to him. I loved you like a sister but i was just a steping stone for you other plans.

It eventually rains. This time am going to cry no more. I stood in the rain to wash all my bitterness away ,all the fake memories you built up ,all sorrows and stupidness for trusting you too much.A lesson learnt from a fake friend.

I am still confused .Why fake a relationship???