Just a normal cloudy morning .The sky looked like it could pour any moment .It was going to rain after such a long time . I went outside looked up in the sky ,i dont know why but i suddenly remembered you.

Your face just flashed in front of my eyes. I was confused . How could i not see through you. was it your fake smile ?Your loving nature? Was it all an act?

I can not lie but i really do miss you ,especially a day like this .We all were lovers of rain .But things have changed .I used to laugh when it rains, now it rains i rain.

My eyes just watering from your memories.
I was confused why someone so loving ,happy and understanding becomes so heartless . Why would someone dear to you break your heart?

Well after a long time i understood. You used me to get close to him. I loved you like a sister but i was just a steping stone for you other plans.

It eventually rains. This time am going to cry no more. I stood in the rain to wash all my bitterness away ,all the fake memories you built up ,all sorrows and stupidness for trusting you too much.A lesson learnt from a fake friend.

I am still confused .Why fake a relationship???